Completed Projects  

1. Literacy Project (DEO, 2013) Sharmali VDC Identified needed people in support of Education Resource Centre and Local schools, Conducted 52 classes



2. Local Body Grand Review and Compliance Monitoring in support of ADDAN/ Governance and Accountability Facility (LGAF)

From 2012 to 2014)

Covered 12 VDCs and DDC Budget review of VDCs, DDC, Municipality, Train WCF, CACs on civic oversight tools, support local bodies to maintain transparency and accountability at local level. Produce report on good governance, accountability and inclusion aspects of local bodies,

Budget review, public audit, social dialogue and compliance monitoring

3. Social Mobilization for Dashrathchand Municipality

(2012 to 2013)

Dashrathchand Municipality/LGCDP Farmed 4 CACs, 4 WCFs, conducted socio Economic survey of 4 wards and conducted more than 300 REFLECT classes in CACs. Facilitated CACs and WCFs on local planning,
4. Food Security through Sustainable Social Management Practices in support of SSMP/Helvetas Nepal (2005-2014) Basantpur, Durgasthan, Gurukhola, Hatairaj, Shivnath and Salena VDCs 373 Urine Pits to collect urine, 68 low-cost poly-house for tomato production, 1254 improved compost pits, capacitate 182 Leader Farmers in different farming techniques,

Out of total leader farmers; 9 people passed level I and 6 people passed II exam from CTEVT and

Legume and Cereal Crops Promoted (wheat, Maize) vegetable farming, goat farming for ultra poor.

5. Farmer to Farmer Agriculture Extension Program (Helevtas/SSMP supported program from 2007 to 2011)

FtoF committee chaired by DADO and members were from DLSO, DDC, SADA and Farmers)

36 VDC of Baitadi district in partnership with local VDCs and DDC. Supported more than 400 groups on vegetable Spice, legume and cereal crops production.

Prepared 65 Experienced Leader Farmers (ELF), trained more than 4200 farmers on farmyard compost management, vegetable farming, legume integration with other crops, Animal shed improvement etc.


6. REFEL, Finish Consult Groups/CRT (2012 to 2013) 8 VDCs of Baitadi district Installed 1 Ram pump, made one micro-hydro scheme, installed 24 IWM and 1240 ICS
7. Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project (DRILP) implemented by GoN/DoLIDAR in support of ADB and SDC. (Value of NRs 12,684,563) Hat, Patan, Kailpal, Salena, Maharudra, Sivnat,  Malladehi, Kotila, Bhumiraj and Durgasthan VDCs 122 Group formed, 324 people supported for IG activities i.e Goat farming, vegetable farming, poultry form, tea shops, masons, Legume farming etc.

73 small projects i.e. irrigation canals, foot trails, micro-hydro, improved water mills, school buildings, trail bridge made, More than 4000 people got training on health, nutrition, HIV Aids/STD,

8. Income Generating Activities with DRILP groups (DDC, NRs. 583,000) Salena, Maharudra and Durgasthan VDCs Conducted training for farmers on vegetable farming, FYM management and Use of Urine in coordination with DRILP.
9. Community Based water  supply and sanitation Project (GoN/ADB) 2006 to 2009 Kulaun, Bishalpur and Udaydev VDC Constructed 3 water supply schemes along with sanitation packages. Constructed toilets and trained people on health and hygiene.
10 Community Literacy Project /CSP/DFID (2006/2007) Kailpal, Bhumeshor and Gujar VDCs Community Literacy on Nutrition and health conducted for more than 550 people.
11. Community Literacy Project /World Education Nepal (2004 -2005) Patan, Silanga, Sakar, Kailpal, Bhumeshor and Gujar VDCs More than 1200 people got literate on functional aspects of day to day life as saving credit, official document preparation etc.
12. Citrus Orchard Management APPSP-DADO-2006-2007 Basantpur VDC of Baitadi Established 10 nurseries and planted more than 600 citrus plants. Managed old citrus gardens.
13. Community Health Awareness and Sanitation Project in support German Development Service (2002-2003) Sakar VDC Constructed 123 toilets, conducted training on sanitation  in support of German Development Service (ded)



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