Message from the Chairperson

It’s an honor to lead one of the civil society organizations in the far-western region of Nepal, known for its reliability, accountability and transparency. Through various project, SADA Nepal has been involved in the community development activities for more than one and a half decades. Through this journey of working closely with the local communities, SADA Nepal has been established as a trustable partner for donors, government agencies, academic and research organizations, and for community people.
Along with development partners, SADA Nepal has been helping people to address poverty and injustices among the poorest communities and families. Today, we are in more than 400 communities with different program interventions. Among our 100 staff and volunteers, we have expertise and experience in livelihoods, natural resource management, climate change adoption, education, disaster risk reduction, water, health and sanitation sector.
But don't be put off by our wider thematic coverage and size! There is great strength in tackling poverty's complex root causes throughout the contextual analysis and interventions. It is because of the prolonged involvement and the depth of our work at the grass-roots level that enables us to know the people, the problems and the potential of the communities we serve. Regardless of where we work, we look and feel like a community organization, where our staff live in the community and share in the hopes and frustrations of its people.
Whether there are local or national campaigns, or community development initiatives in the region, we are there. If it is responding to natural disasters, we are there. From helping communities to recovery and building resiliency, to helping people plan and act on alternative options of livelihoods, we are there. As a result, each year we bring meaningful achievements and outputs to transform the opportunities of thousands of marginalized people.
As a voluntary organization, SADA Nepal seeks to bring hope to the most vulnerable section of society through innovative and integrated community development interventions. Our working strategy is capacitating and empowering communities to bring hope and trust to the people for a better life and future.
Regardless of political, religious and geographical beliefs, our assistance is unconditional. We are eager to do very best with the resources we have. I am very excited to have opportunities to work for and with the vulnerable communities and people. I invite you to join SADA Nepal. Together we can make a difference through our knowledge, skills, resources and keen commitment. Lets join hands to help communities become resilient and self-sufficient.

Yours Sincerely,
Krishna Singh Thagunna
Chairperson, SADA Nepal

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CONTACT: 095-520395, 520506, 520084