Ongoing Projects

S.N. Program Activities Coverage Area/population Major Achievements
1. Early Grade Reading Program 36 VDCs of Baitadi distirct (198 schools) Teacher training on early grade reading skills,

Reading Campaigning, Teacher –parents meet. Library corners etc.

2. Monitoring Compliance of Local Bodies with Legislative and Policy Requirement  in support of LGAF/GoN (2015 to 2017) DDC, 2 municipalities and 7 VDCs (targeted to children, women and disadvantaged section of society) Budget review of VDCs, DDC, Municipality,

Capacity building of WCF, CACs, LPOs and local bodies on civic oversight tools, support local bodies to maintain transparency and accountability at local level.

Produce report on good governance, accountability and inclusion aspects of local bodies,

Conduct good governance education activities through radio program, bulletin publication, interaction program and public dialogues.

3. Raising Income of Small and Medium Farmer’s Project

(2013 to 2017)

Entire Baitadi District (Covered 22 VDCs till the date) To provide support interested farmer groups and  cooperatives to write business plans, marketing plans to access the project grant,

Conducted trainings and workshops on need identification, proposal development, project implementation, and change and learning documentation.

Regular support to cooperative to maintain account keeping, project implementation and group mobilization.

4. Improved Cooking Stoves with Carbon Financing in support of SNV/CRT from 2012 to 2016 28 VDCs and one Municipality of Baitadi District Raised awareness about ICF in working area, Installed more than 12000 stoves, trained 42 promoters on ICF, Hatairaj and Nagarjun are declared officially homemade smokeless VDCs. Gokuleshor is in process to declare in coordination with DFO office.
5. Improved Water Mills (IWM) Program from 2006 to 2017 62 VDCs and 1 municipality of Baitadi. Installed 560 IWMs. Trained 560 owners about IWM management, IG activities (, Acham, Dadeldhura and Kailali districts from 2013 to date)
6. Value Chain Analysis of HVPs and Livelihood Design

(on process to finalize designing part and on process of negotiation)

Gwallek and Gokuleshor VDCs of Baitadi and Khar and Gokuleshor VDC of Darchula Studied Value Chain of high value products i.e. Nigalo, Allo and Ritho cross commodities, vegetable and legume. Designed integrated livelihood improvement plan for Kailash Landscape conservation project. (DoF/RECAST/TU/ICIMOD)

Agreement is on process for next three years


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